Anonymous said: If you don't mind me asking, I don't want to sound rude I promise! But do you have wide feet or thin feet because I always see these shoes that you post and I want to wear them but I don't know if they'll fit me (since I don't have the thinnest nor do I have the widest feet) and I'm assuming that you've worn the shoes so if you could please answer it would be a real pleasure! Thanks :) I love your outfits btw!!

I would say my feet are average leaning on the wide side. If that make sense! I totally understand! That is tricky sometimes! 😊

  -  29 July

Anonymous said: any kind of jeans are okay


  -  27 July

Anonymous said: my school has a strict dress code and we can only wear shirts with collars or a high neckline and we can only wear pants with no flaws and i need ideas help please :(

I will make you a set! Can you wear jeans? If so is there a regulation on them about fit? (Like are skinnies allowed?)

Anonymous said: do you not take requests anymore? because I sent one in a few days ago and you haven't answered :/

I didn’t get it dear! :( Send it again!

  -  27 July

Since everyone complaining about them I feel the need to come clean.

I own Nike Air Force 1’s


I haven’t posted because everyone has been cranky about it but I really like them. I love an effortless urban vibe. They are fab.

Anonymous said: can you post a pic of your tattoo? xx 😊

Yeah I have posted it before so I will just reblog it.

  -  27 July
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